Optimal Athlete Wellness, or OAW, is a team of former gymnasts, who are now experts in the fields of physical, mental and emotional health, dedicated to the well-being of gymnasts and their support systems. We believe that it is possible to enjoy gymnastics and maintain optimal health while training and performing at any level, from beginner to elite and collegiate levels.



Mission Statement: “To create a SAFE SPACE in which we provide expert services for optimizing the health and well-being of the WHOLE PERSON as they pursue their dreams in LIFE AND SPORT”

Our team’s goal is to offer education, support and mentorship to gymnasts, coaches, and parents in order for:

  • athletes to reach their fullest potential while maintaining enjoyment in the sport

  • everyone involved to develop a healthy balance and outlook on life

  • athletes to develop into well-rounded adolescents and young adults who can then more gracefully transition to life after sport, regardless of their age at retirement

  • life skills learned through sport to be recognized and utilized in a way that leads to happiness, health and fulfillment following gymnastics



Each member of the OAW team has an area of expertise that focuses on a key aspect of wellness. If any one of these areas is overlooked, the athlete will suffer. So, we take a very comprehensive approach in addressing the health and balance of the mind, body and emotions. Below are the key areas of wellness and the primary contributor from the OAW team:


Our educational resources and 80+ years of combined empirical knowledge provide the much-needed information for athletes, coaches and, as importantly, the parents of athletes. We share this knowledge here and also offer one-on-one consulting for gymnasts, coaches and parents.

We intend to redefine how success is measured and ensure athletes are truly learning how to be physically and mentally healthy along the way. We will make sure athletes have the support they need when they retire and begin their life after sport.

Every OAW team member has lived life as an athlete, has been through the transition, and is now on the other side with lessons learned to share with current and future generations in the sport. We are determined to use our personal and professional experiences to create healthy, happy, and well-balanced athletes.

By educating and raising awareness on how to support the overall well-being of athletes, not only will the sport be more enjoyable for all involved, the athletes will ultimately be healthier, happier, and experience more longevity within the sport. Upon transitioning to life after sport, they will feel a strong sense of self having learned incredible life skills allowing them to move on as confident, healthy and well-balanced individuals.