Nutrition and Healthy Body Image


The Optimal Athlete Wellness team believes that nutrition and the cultivation of a healthy body image can help set an athlete up for peak performance physically, mentally and emotionally. The extra demands placed on an athlete are high, especially amongst growing and developing youth. Choosing nutrient rich foods is the first step to ensuring that the body is prepared for such demands. 

In essence, our physical self is truly made up of what we eat, absorb, assimilate and excrete. OAW will show you how to encourage, model and emphasize fresh “earth” foods with your gymnasts – a simple concept that can help athletes of all ages learn what foods are great fuel for their body and their mind. Foods that best support an athlete can also taste great, be fun and bring family and friends together.

As we aim to fuel our physical needs, we are also looking to deeply NOURISH the mind and spirit; critical pieces in developing a successful gymnast and well-thy person. Choreographing a beautiful dance between an appreciation for real whole food and how it supports the body to do what we want it to, AND a love for self and the inner beauty each athlete brings to the floor is a quest we are excited for.  

Coaches and parents are typically the most influential in supporting gymnasts to build a healthful relationship with food and with their own body. At OAW we are here to support you support your athletes on their good-food and confident-self journey! Here we offer resources and guidance to put fear and overwhelm around nutrition to rest and empower generations to come to be the best versions of themselves.